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Google Glasses

While Google Glass is sweet the same way that Segway scooters are sweet, this post actually has nothing to do with either of them, other than I needed some sort of witty title.  Mission accomplished?  This post is about beer and other booze glasses.  After all, what you drink out of says just as much about you as what you’re drinking.  Or something.

My preferred order of imbibing vehicle goes: The bottle it came in, a like-branded glass, followed by a generic pint glass.  But there exists drinkware that can transcend my desire to drink beer out of its native vessel.  Now, sometimes the native vessel is pretty damn sweet, but you’re typically saddled with a screen-printed pint glass of standard shape.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but buying glasses like the ones below will make you want to finally clean up your apartment so you can have people over to show off your sweet swill containers.

 pompous set

The Pompous Set is made by The Pretentious Beer Glass Company.  These are hand-blown gems from some dude on Etsy.  Despite their lofty price tag ($203 for these bad boys) I still think these are a must-have for every craft beer lover.  I give this raving review without ever having owned or even seen these in person, but look at them!  The set is designed to bring out the most of hoppy, malty, aromatic, ales, and mixed-pour beers.  Again, I haven’t used these glasses so I can’t make any comment on their effectiveness but even if they suck at their stated purpose just look at how badass they are!  These are the beer glass equivalent of Olivia Wilde; they could be the worst thing that ever existed but you’re still just going to stare at them in between putting your lips all over them.  If you’re looking to add some zazzle to your daily drinking regimen, I’d start here.


Hopside Down by Fred is a genius little design.  Not only does it look cool, it’s also insulated and sweat-proof because of the inside-out design.  Beer that stays colder longer and doesn’t require a coaster?  And who says that God doesn’t answer prayers?  I’ve been ranting about the drink coaster conspiracy for years now and this is FINALLY a resolution.  Retailing for anywhere between $16-$20 these are also substantially more reasonable than some of the other cool beer glass options that exist.  You can also find similar styles of martini and champagne glasses as well.  These last two run quite a bit more in the dinero department (around $55 each) but are also sweet to round out your beverage glass collection.


Botanical by Benjamin Hubert.  This also falls in the “Is this thing for real?” category.  Because again, it’s just awesome.  So awesome, in fact, that I can’t even find a price for it online.  I’m guessing a couple hundred bucks.  But still, look at these things!  It’s like a blue deer mated with a martini glass.  If you want exclusivity, finding one of these bad boys will earn you serious points because I certainly can’t locate any place to purchase them online.  I looked everywhere.  Okay, I clicked like three links and then just looked up hilarious dog memes like this one.  But that sort of counts.

So my goal when I started writing this was to give you some good ideas of new beer and alcohol glasses that you should buy.  I chose to post links to beer glasses that cost over $200, martini and champagne glasses that are $55 each, and a different martini glass that I don’t think you can even buy anymore.  Well done, me.