Beer Review: Una Mas by Left Coast Brewing Company

3.5 out of 5 Stars

After a long day (three hours) of volunteering at Habitat For Humanity I felt that I had earned a beer.  Not that beers are things that you have to earn, but they taste better when you do.  I had picked this one up at a random stop by Whole Foods purely because I liked the label.  Ignore the fact that I had actually had it before according to Untappd, but this tends to happen from time to time.  My thoughts are as follows:

The Smells:  A super sniffer will pick up the distinct smells of malts, hops, and a hint of yeast, but most people would identify it as just a very typical beer aroma.  After all, it is a lager.

The Pour:  I was a little shocked to see how many people talked about a decent head on the beer because I came up very thin despite pouring the last half of the beer in straight up splash down mode.  It dissipated quickly and there was no lacing at all.  I don’t think it was my glassware.  The pour didn’t open up much in the way of additional aroma, either.

The Tastes:  Overall, it’s well balanced with a slight sweet, malty finish.  Finish is probably the wrong word, because the taste dissipates off of the tongue fairly quickly.  Light to medium body.

There isn’t anything exceptional about this beer, but in a weird way that makes it great.  I was sitting inside my house, but if I were sitting outside on a nice, sunny day, this would be an imminently crushable beer.  Definitely a good choice for a beach beer, tailgating, or any other outdoor, marathon drinking event.  Just be careful because while it’s not hugely boozy, you don’t notice the alcohol whatsoever when drinking it, so these could sneak up on you.