palma louca

Beer Review: Palma Louca by Cervejaria Kaiser

2.0 out of 5 Stars

With the World Cup in full swing, I figured I had to drink some Brazilian beers in order to honor the occasion.  Enter Palma Louca, which represents 33% of the Brazilian beers that I was able to locate in my normal liquor stores.  I didn’t know anything about it other than it was Brazilian.

Here is where I normally go into stuff like smells, and colors, and body, and taste, but not today.  Why, you may not be asking yourself right now?  Because, while I initially thought this beer wasn’t too bad, it sort of is.  It doesn’t really have any flavor.  Not good, not bad, just nothing more than a slightly sweet aftertaste.  There’s really nothing notable about it.  The only home that this beer would have would be at a very hot, very long tailgate where you need something lighter in alcohol and flavorless so you don’t mind sucking down twenty of them while waiting for the sun to go down or your team to start playing.  But even in that scenario this would be far down on my list.  While I’m not a beer snob and wouldn’t turn one of these down if it were offered to me, I likely won’t be choosing to have another one in the foreseeable future.  This one will not be advancing out of the group stage.