Imperial Brown

Beer Review: Imperial Brown by Bayhawk Ales

4.5 out of 5 Stars

I’ve been trying to get some brief interviews from brewers to add to the site but I’ve come up completely empty so far.  I’m really bummed because I came up with the name Interbrews for it and nobody will respond to a damn e-mail.  Deep sigh.  To tide you over (the four of you), I drank a beer!  Now I’ll talk about it.

Sooooo the Imperial Brown by Bayhawk Ales is really good.  It’s also dangerous.  Allow me to elaborate.

The Smells:  Sweet maltiness.  A hint of booze.  Not enough of a hint to accurately portray the ABV but it’s there.  It’s not a beer that you’ll take repeated, huge sniffs of, but it doesn’t smell bad.

The Pour:  Brown, with a thick head that sticks around for awhile.  No lacing.  The pour opens up more of the sweet, malty smell.

The Tastes:  If anything, I wish that it had a more robust flavor.  It’s incredibly smooth and benign; think a session beer.  Actually, this would make an amazing tailgate beer despite the fact that you couldn’t drink these all day long because you would be drunk with a capital Public Intoxication charge, but it’s really, really easy to drink.  As I said, If anything, I’d want it to be a little less friendly.  The body is light but I want it to be medium.  Aside from that, it’s a pretty simple flavor; sweet roasted maltiness and alcohol.  Again, I’m being nitpicky because I enjoy it already, but I’d rave over the beer if it had more of a roasted flavor or a nutty flavor.  Something to set it aside a bit.  It’s good because it’s solid, I want it to be amazing because it’s unique.  As it is, you should still check it out.