hop in the dark

Beer Review: Hop in the Dark by Deschutes Brewing Company

4.0 out of 5 Stars

If you don’t follow my every move and exploit, then you’re not a stalker.  This is a good thing.  However, this also means that you may not know that my (now) wife and I took a drinking honeymoon.  I know that EVERYBODY takes a drinking honeymoon except for most Amish people, and Muslims, and recovering alcoholics, and devout Christians, and Mormons, and those without lips, but ours was a bit different.  Our first stop was Portland, which has been known to have beer.  We didn’t have a ton of time there, but we did make sure we hit the big breweries, one of which is Deschutes.  And yes, I know Deschutes is a Bend brewery, but we didn’t go there so we went to the one in Portland.

The Smells: Roast malt, smoke, and brown sugar.

The Pour: “HEAD, PAPER, NOW!”  There was a solid inch of thick, frothy head, and it hung around like a fart in an elevator.  The beer itself is this excellent, dark, rich brown.  Like Orlando Bloom’s eyes.  Or Kevin Hart at night.

The Tastes: Oh so very good.  It gets 4 stars because, while delicious, there are times that I wouldn’t want this beer.  On a hot day after doing yard work, this would be as preferable as genital cancer.  It has a rich, complex taste that starts with an almost grapefruit-like bitterness that melts away into smoked malt.  There’s a hint of a sweetness, but it’s like a dark brown sugar sweetness that manages to almost sting a little.  A nice, solidly medium body and an ever so slight alcohol burn help to give this beer a big round profile to explore.  I prefer sipping it over a period of time as the taste changes quite dramatically with the temperature.  If you’re a stout person, drink this at something just shy of room temperature.  If you’re an IPA fan, drink this 5 minutes after pulling it out of the fridge.  There’s a little something for everybody here.

This beer has a lot going on, and that’s cool.  Drink one!