Beer Review: Four Seasons of Mother Earth Summer 2014 Imperial Brown Ale by Mother Earth Brewing Company

4.5 out of 5 Stars

Sweet mother of Christ that is a long name for a beer.  As I was reading the label I felt like Fry in the episode of Futurama where he drank the emperor, reciting the illustrious list of people that I’ve drank.  Luckily, my ADD kicked in and I decided to buy it and try it even though I never really finished the label.  Had I done that, the beer would have been skunky and I would have died of old age.  Since I didn’t, here are my thoughts:

The Smells:  Malty, sweet, with maybe a slight hint of chocolate.  Malt for certain, sweet for certain, but don’t trust the sniffer on chocolate.

The Pour:  Great head that sticks around for a medium amount of time, nice vivid brown color.  More malt smell.

The Tastes:  A lot of people say that they taste the 11% ABV but I just don’t.  Alcohol usually comes across as a burn in my mouth, on my tongue, or in my throat, but I just didn’t get that here.  Which was terrifying, because it’s as alcoholic as Rob Ford.  Instead, I got a nutty, malty, light, crisp flavor with hints of the oak and whiskey.  I really dig their choice of Evan Williams barrels because it’s one of the smoother bourbons out there and a personal favorite, and it adds to the flavor here rather than distract or confuse.

Typically, you’re not thinking of a brown as a summer beer, but the medium body and light, dry finish make this pretty refreshing.  I’m not sure it’s what I’d want after a long day of yard work, but maybe while watching the sun set on the porch.  Whenever you choose to drink it, I think you’ll be pretty happy with your selection.