Green Flash Black IPA

Beer Review: Black IPA by Green Flash Brewing Company

4.5 out of 5 Stars

Factoids:  Black IPA by Green Flash Brewing Company from their Hop Odyssey limited release series.  7.2% fun, 92.8% other liquid.  22 ounce bomber that came with its own lovely crumpled brown paper hobo bag.  And it cures lupus.

The Pour:  There are rocket-propelled hops smells that hit you in the face like a money shot when you pry the cap off this beer.  It’s as if you’re standing outside an old cartoon hops factory and the little overall-wearing factory workers are bringing in hops by the wheelbarrow full in an infinite line that disappears into the technicolor distance.  The pour itself is such a deep brown it’s nearly black, but “So Brown It’s Nearly Black IPA” doesn’t have the same ring to it.  You can’t see through this glass at all one way or the other.  There’s one finger of creamy head on the top and dissipates after a few minutes/sips, but I haven’t seen lace stick around this long since American Gladiators went off air.

The Smells:  Hops.  More hops.  Some roasted malt, roasting in a hop house.  That was built of hops.  If you let it sit and breathe in a glass for a minute the hops smell fades away and the roastiness takes over.

The Tastes:  The toasted malt is the big taste that squats on your tongue like a sumo wrestler.  It tastes faintly chocolatey despite not being chocolate, sort of like Ving Rhames.  And there’s hops.  Piney hops.  Green Flash’s website says it’s fruity and floral but if it is, it’s only for a fleeting moment.  The main flavors involved here are Mike Tyson so you don’t really notice the Don Flamencos dancing around in the background.  The caramel malt flavor does a good job of preventing “roast” malt from tasting like “burnt” malt.  I “don’t know” why I keep using “quotation marks” all of a sudden.  It’s a nice, meaty beer in your mouth.  Most other reviews online have said medium body but these people must brush their teeth with porterhouses.  Medium-full is more accurate.  It’s almost undercarbonated in the sense that it could handle a lot more bubbles but it’s fine the way it is.  At 7.2% ABV it could be dangerous because it doesn’t taste boozy at all, and you keep reaching down to find your glass more empty than you remember.  This is a good beer.