baba can

Beer Review: Baba by Uinta Brewing Company

5.0 out of 5 Stars

I’m going to try to hide my pure, unadulterated love for this beer.  It could sleep with my fiancee and total my car and I’d still probably laugh, pay for its cab ride home, and tell all of my friends “Oh that Baba…”  Dammit, I was supposed to hide my beer boner.  But I digress.

The Smells:  Out of the bottle it’s a creamy, roasty smell.  I poured it into a normal pint glass which I feel wasn’t the best vessel for it but it’s still a pleasant smell.

The Pour:  Brown-black, like Ikea furniture.  Not quite completely black but very, very dark.  It pours with a nice, creamy head that lingers (it does thin out over time) and lacing that just coats the inside of the glass.

The Tastes:  Sweet jesus it’s delicious.  An absolutely perfect roasted malt flavor, not burnt, not overpowering, just incredibly excellent.  They stopped just shy of the bitter flavor of a stout.  There’s the faintest hint of dark cocoa as it dissipates off the tongue.  And that dissipation is made even sweeter by the nice, medium-full body on the beer.  No alcohol taste, due in part to its light 4% ABV.

The low ABV is its only indiscretion and, when you’re in love, you just don’t sweat the small stuff.  Everything about it is wonderful, from the beer itself to the fresh, clean design of the bottles and cans.  It’s just so very good.  Go find this beer now and drink it.